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Heart warming... toot my horn....


I've been very busy this year performing and working on recording more of my songs.

My desire is to make a positive difference for people who hear my music and attend my shows.  I love to entertain and share thoughts and experiences that are universal and uplifting. No delusions of grandeur, but I believe I have more worthwhile stuff to share.

Oner the last 5 years or so (since the release of my last record), I have written many new songs that I am really excited about sharing.  At the same time, I'm working diligently to record these newer songs in a high quality way that is representative of my current style of live acoustic performance.  I hope to release recordings of some of these songs later this year.  Many hours and lots of energy are pouring into this "endeavor".  (Close to finalizing recordings of two of my newer songs, with more to come).   I may hold them for release together as an EP later, this year or might release some as singles, depending on how the timing of everything works out.

Until I get these songs recorded, the only way to hear them is to catch one of my shows.

So, when you are a musician, your performances speak for themselves when people hear you. For every person that hears, they either like it, love it, or don't care much for it.  They either take time to stop and listen, or they don't.  It either connects deeply, shallowly or not at all.  One of the challenges is getting more people to hear your music.  Self promotion is not my strong suit... But, in this blog post, I'm gonna make an "exception" and toot my own horn a little.

If you haven't heard my "new" songs and music, I invite you to attend one of my upcoming shows. I generally post info about the shows on my Facebook music page:  Tim Banks Music   (Also on this website - though not always).

I work really hard at my craft to make my songs good, entertaining and impactful.  It is a journey that is my passion. (gonna' keep doing it until I "can't").

I believe when folks slow down, take a minute and engage with good music, it makes a significant difference in their day and lifts the spirit.  Music is a soul language. 

In 2018, Music City Mall, Lewisville (formerly Vista Ridge Mall) has contracted with me to perform shows at the mall.  I just got home from my latest gig there tonight and am excited from so much encouragement and positive feedback from listeners.  

So (toot!  toot!) I'm gonna' share a few of the "heart warming" comments from tonight's show:  

    "Every time I hear you, it's great. And I can't believe it gets even better."

    You didn't write those songs, God gave you those songs!"

    "Your show was great!  You are phenomenal."

Now, please understand, I'm not about "bragging" here.   I would however like to convince you to take some time to get to know my music.  Thank you for your attention.   :)

If you're interested in my music, thank you!  I don't take that for granted.

Onward and upward!



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