"Ultimately we are all in the same boat.  It is our duty to row through the waves, loving and helping folks where we can."


Blessed by modest, hard-working parents in west Texas.  Forever thankful for their simple example of a good and helpful life in commitment to faith, family and service to others.

Believes every person has innate priceless God-given value, regardless of origin and circumstances.  It's up to each of us to do something positive with the gift. 

Musical influences: growing up with gospel music and popular music of the late 60's - 70's.

Education:  Baylor University, music performance degree.  Graduate business degree.

Has been performing and singing many years, balancing music pursuits with business responsibilities. Entrepreneur and executive. Left the business arena in 2014 to focus more on his music.

Married many years. Two fantastic grown kids and their spouses. Beautiful grandkids.


"A simple song can change the color of the sky"

Draws on varied life experiences including extensive travel across America (and the world).

Songs reflect an intimate appreciation of common life experiences and the kinds of things that are most important;  faith, family, purpose, meaning, adversity, love and perseverance (and fun).

Four original albums and songs have been released. New recordings in the works.


Generally in the style of acoustic Folk, Americana and Gospel Music.

Seeks to entertain, provoke meaningful thought, and strike a chord of encouragement;  make the day better and uplift the listener (and have fun).

Sings his own original tunes, and/or covers Americana, Classic or Gospel tunes. Each show is tailored to the particular venue, event and audience.

Has provided music at both secular and gospel venues all across the country, performing for groups from a few to as many as 12,000. Has also served many times in churches as a soloist and worship leader.


The founder of "Roadhawg Music" - where he has written songs for the motorcycle community and ministries.

Served as the founding music leader for Rushing Wind Fellowship in Corinth, Tx. in 2016, 17 and 18.

Based in the Dallas, Texas area.

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songwriter and acoustic performer