"With all the chaotic noise today it's comforting to hear music with heart stirring words. Thank you."   Gomez


"Tim's music is inspired and original, his passion for his craft shows in every verse of his lyrics. I have long considered myself a huge fan and know you will be blessed by listening to Tim."  Jeff


"Truly amazing! Love the tunes and lyrics!"  Dolores


"You didn't write those songs. God gave you those songs."   Show attendee


 "It was a good time at Music City Mall."  Show attendee


 "Hey Tim, I listened to your song "You Turns" and I liked it. Will start listening to more of your music.  It's down to earth, dirt or caliche road, urban music with a flair of traffic jam metro sound".  G.  


"Tim is a gifted musician and speaks beyond our generation to the hearts and minds of mankind." Chaplain


"Love your new CD. Well done!"  Eric


 "Hot licks!"   Lee


 "Had many compliments on your guitar playing, singing and choice of songs. Thank you again for being a part of the day."     David


 "Loved it Tim. Great tribute to our military."  Nancy


 "Your show was great. You are phenomenal".  Show attendee


"I highly recommend Tim's music! His music, secular and non-secular motivates me to be a better person!"  Melody


"Awesome music from an awesome guy and great friend!" Rod


 "Listened to Tim Banks at Music City Mall today. He makes it look so easy."  Richard


 "Great song Tim, honoring our brave soldiers. How blessed we are due to their bravery."  Smithpick


 "Your guitar playing, wow!"   Tommy


songwriter and acoustic performer