Simple Things - album

Tim Banks

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"A simple song can change the color of the sky." Original acoustic tunes speaking to shared joys, inevitable valleys, and lessons learned along the way. Down-home easy listening to warm the heart, lift the spirit and turn the sky blue.

"Simple Things". Reflecting on where you've been - where you are - and where you're going.

Sit back and enjoy down-home tunes with a vocal intimacy and lyrics that resonate with true to life introspection and relevancy. Acoustic guitar with satisfying instrumental lines woven into the fabric of the vocals. Relative simplicity, back porch style.

Where you've been: Memories of tree houses, lessons from parents, what's tough, wrong turns and you turns.

Where you are: Life's experiences shared with loved ones, flying free in spirit and faith, keep on singing 'til your song's complete. Let the wind tickle your spine and the waves tickle your toes.

Where you're going: Accepting that simple things really are the best things, being blown away by the simple joys of life, allowing the journey to still make you smile. Living in the day, you can't really do much more.

Simple Things. By songwriter Tim Banks.

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